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frequently asked questions

Please look through our most frequently asked questions.    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions that are not answered here.   

The Cyber Shrink is a Cyber Therapy platform that utilizes video conferencing to deliver efficacious mental health therapy.   Our services are offered through the HIPAA compliant ZOOM Healthcare platform.

We are a platform for therapists, interested in providing cyber therapy or online counseling through video, to help patients.

All of our therapists make their own schedules.  Work as many or as few hours as you want.  We provide the platform for you to provide mental health services through video.

The Cyber Shrink platform handles patient payment, booking, and provides the video platform.

The amount of money that you make depends on the amount of hours you are available for therapy and the patients who book you for those hours.  

We provide great flexibility in scheduling.  You determine your hours.

The Cyber Shrink provides several different types of services.  Providers have to demonstrate competence in each area to be listed as a provider for that service.


Providers of therapy services must be fully licensed within their state to provide therapy services.  Providers will determine which states they wish to be listed in for therapy services.  Providers must show verifiable proof of licensure.  

LGBTQ+ Mental Health

Providers of LGBTQ+ mental health have to demonstrated continuing education in this area of treatment in order to be listed as a LGBTQ+ Mental Health Provider.


Providers of clinical supervision services must be credentialed and recognized by a state as a clinical supervisor for their profession.   In addition, providers of clinical supervision services must show continuing education credits in this area of specialization.   


Providers who wish to be listed as consultants to supervisors in healthcare must have leadership experience in a healthcare setting. 

Providers must submit a CV and be approved by The Cyber Shrink platform to be listed as a consultant.  


To be listed as a whistleblower and provide support for other whistleblowers, a provider must have blown the whistle on a healthcare organization and have experience with external reporting.    This is not a legal service, but providers must be able to demonstrate competency in this area and will serve to provide emotional support for whistleblowers.


Providers who provide continuing education on the platform must have their courses approved by a state licensing board and/or national organization.   Courses and providers will be advertised as providing CEU credits only when deemed to be approved by a state licensing board or national organization.  

The Cyber Shrink is a platform for an array of mental health services.   

Our fees are as follows and are set by two primary categories.   These categories are:  “Clinical Supervisors and Therapists” – or – “Therapists.”   

The fees are currently as follows:


Individual Therapy (45-50 minute session) – $85 USD

Group therapy (45-50 minute session) – $45 USD

Clinical Supervision for therapists – $75 USD/per hour

Education & Training – cost varies depending on course


Individual Therapy (45-50 minute session) – $75 USD

Group therapy (45-50 minute session) – $40 USD

Education & Training – cost varies depending on course

All providers on our platform receive a percentage of the aforementioned fees for each service they actually provide.  The more services you provide to actual clients, the more money you can make.   

Generally speaking, all providers earn 60% of the fees generated by their services.   

The Cyber Shrink uses the PayPal platform for payment processing and payments to therapists.   PayPal is one of the most secure and recognizable payment platforms.   

To be paid by The Cyber Shrink platform all providers must have a PayPal business account.   PayPal business  accounts are free and easy to setup.   

PayPal manages all 1099 tax reporting for our therapists.    The Cyber Shrink does not maintain any of your tax id or financial information.   Tax id and your personal financial information are all held securely by the PayPal platform and are not shared with The Cyber Shrink..

You will not be considered an employee of The Cyber Shrink.   We are a platform for therapists to list services.   

You will be provided a 1099 for the tax reporting of your earnings.   This will come from PayPal.  All therapists listed on our platform are required to have a PayPal business  account to receive their earnings from the platform.