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Join our cyber therapy platform today!  At The Cyber Shrink we affirm a deep belief in the potential of every individual.   

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Connect with patients and make a real difference to the life of those in need.

safe and effective

The Cyber Shrink video cyber therapy platform enables you to provide treatment to patients in a safe and effective manner. Work from the comfort of your home or office, serving patients who feel more secure receiving treatment from home

Flexible and convenient

The Cyber Shrink platform enables therapists to create their own hours and work as many hours as they choose.

HIPAA Compiant

The Cyber Shrink video cyber therapy platform is provided through ZOOM for Healthcare and is HIPAA compliant.


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Frequently Asked

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions by providers on our platform.

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Join our platform and reach patients in need all around the world.   

Greater Flexibility

Provide cyber therapy at times that are convenient for you and the clients we serve.

No commuting or travel time

Save time by not commuting to an office.

Our motto

Hope is everything

The Cyber Shrink platform enables providers to instill hope in patients all around the world.  

Our platform enables you to provide services at times that are both flexible and convenient.   

We have the ability to reach people in remote places and people who struggle to make it to an office setting.  All people need is an internet connection.

The Cyber Shrink provides hope to those in need.

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Apply today to be listed on our platform.   

Join our therapists who are making a difference in people’s lives everyday.

Join our clinical supervisors who are helping to advise and train the next generation of therapists and counselors.

Join our consultants who help advise the next generation of mental health supervisors.

Join our whistleblowers who ensure quality healthcare that is free of abuse and fraud.  

We are here to help! everywhere!

It is our steadfast belief in the potential of every individual that has us reaching around the world to find those who need help.

We are here for those in remote areas where a face-to-face in office therapist is not readily available.  We are also here for those with debilitating conditions that make an office visit difficult.